Mistletoe frame

Good Morning!

The world is covered by a thick layer of snow today, we have had a light covering of snow over the last few days but today is a complete white wash, it’s like the whole outside is covered in a thick fluffy duvet. It’s the perfect backdrop for watching Christmas films while I design festive projects :)

Talking of festive projects, the ever imaginative Anta has another clever shadow box project for us today. Anta has created a gorgeous and lavish looking piece of festive home decor. Here’s a little sneaky-peek:

While you take a look, please let Anta know what you think: http://craftimaginarium.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/mistltoe-frame.html

Bling Bling Pictures

Good Morning!

Helle has created 4 glorious home decor projects today combining 2 of the svg collections that you may already have in your stash! Here’s a sneaky peek of all 4:

Can you tell which collections Helle has used from that little preview?

Check out Helle’s super cute projects in all of their glory here and leave a little message for Helle while you are there: Bling Bling Pictures

Bling Bling Pictures

Santa’s Christmas Workshop Advent Calendar

Hi Guys!

Check out this awesome project by Anta. Anta has used some Santa themed papers which are gorgeous but the real stunner in this project are the details that Anta has added, you will want to have look at all of Anta’s photos. Here’s a tiny sneaky-peek:

Check out Anta’s unexpected and imaginative project here and please leave her a message to let her know what you think too: https://craftimaginarium.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/santas-christmas-workshop-advent.html

Can you believe it’s December tomorrow, where did that come from? It seems to have crept up on me. I’d better get cracking on with some more Christmas crafting :)